Garden of Eden Farms Natural Grass-fed Lamb

Natural Grassfed Lamb

The lambs graze on pasture with the ewes until they are naturally weaned – Never confined or force fed.   No antibiotics, hormones or grain.  The sunshine, green grass, and fresh air keeps them healthy – naturally.

Lamb, that’s better.

Better for the lamb, better for the environment, better for you.  And better tasting, too!

We raise our sheep on the grass for which Kentucky is so rightly known.  The limestone soils and abundant rain which nurture Kentucky’s world famous Thoroughbreds also produce world class grazing for our sheep.  The lambs graze with the ewes until they are naturally weaned- never confined or fed grain, antibiotics or hormones. The sunshine, fresh air and green grass keep them healthy, naturally.  That’s better for the lamb.

Grass fed lamb is lamb that’s better for the land, too.  Land that’s covered in grass and pasture doesn’t erode like land tilled for crops.  Land used for grazing can be productive without lots of synthetic fertilizer which can wash into creeks and streams before the plants can absorb it.  When grazing the sheep naturally distribute nutrients evenly over the pasture, where they can be broken down and absorbed. Not only does this preserve the land, it helps keep our creeks and streams clear, protecting the water we all depend on.

Best of all, grass fed lamb is lamb that’s better for you and your family.  Lambs grazing fresh green plants produce more of the ‘good’ polyunsaturated fatty acids we are supposed to eat more of, especially CLA, EPA and DHA- and less of the ‘bad’ artery clogging fats most of us need to drastically reduce in our diets.  And the taste?  Incomparable, full of fresh, complex flavor reflecting their diet.